• Unique in providing accurate high-detailed weather forecasts
    Can specify locations and time the rain will fall for the tropics.
  • Most clouds in the tropics are driven by convection
    Since convective clouds can change rapidly and have small sizes, weather forecasting in the tropics is more difficult than that in mid-latitudes.
  • Precipitation data retrieved from more than 10 satellites
  • The AMP algorithm is the world’s first algorithm
    that can retrieve global precipitation including snow-covered land and sea ice.
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CPS WEATHER’s Uniqueness


CPS WEATHER provides all solutions, systems, and information related to global weather, climate,
water resources management, natural disasters by employing our state-of-the-art proprietary technologies
and innovations, where their quality is confirmed by several organizations at international and national levels.

Natural Disaster Management and Warning

Precision Agriculture

Water Resources Management

Smart City

Transportation and Logistics

Crop and Natural Disaster Insurances

Renewable Energy and Utilities

Outdoor Events and Tourism


CPS WEATHER’s research and inventions on high-resolution weather forecasting and satellite remote sensing of global precipitation have received awards confirming their quality from many organizations at both international and national levels.

3 Inventions


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  • WMApp” is the first to provide high-detailed weather forecasts for Southeast Asia. It can specify locations and time the rain will fall.
  • ThailandRain” is the world’s first app that provides high-detailed precipitation data for Southeast Asia retrieved using observations from more than 10 satellites.
  • Facebook page "Weather Forecasts for Thailand” has 241,383 likes, 249,424 followers, and the score of 4.8/5.0. Most users review that forecasts are “precise, accurate, high detailed, and very useful”.

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